Aqua Hotel & Suites

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Boujee on a budget
Aqua is well-known to artists who come to Miami Beach for Art Basel every year, as the hotel hosts a satellite art fair. The rest of the year, the hotel is a party spot (not gay) along one of the busiest stretches of Washington Ave.


    • a_jon12
      a_jon12 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      bad costumer service!
      I made a reservation at this hotel using their own website three weeks before my trip. I received and email for the hotel confirming my reservation. I called them the day of my flight to let them know that I would be arriving late, and it was then that they finally bother to tell me that they had no vacancies for two of the days that I was supposed to stay there. For that reason they said that they had to transfer me to another, supposedly better hotel. I complained about their obvious irresponsibility, but they acted as if it was not their problem and they were not responsible for the erroneous reservation. The treatment was of indifference and then they transfered me to a shitty hotel called the Greenview Hotel. It is based on the bad costumer service that I received from the Aqua Hotel that I suggest people should skip it.