Jamboree (Closed Permanently)

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This dive bar/lounge has a backroom that is filled with shenanigans.


    • KeithQ
      KeithQ Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I went on a Thursday night and it was my partner and 3 other people there. They only sold beer and wine which was a Debby downer for me. They did play decent Latin music but I will never recommend this place!!!

    • cd1225
      cd1225 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Neighborhood GAY SEX BAR---No Honestly!!!!
      Make NO MISTAKE ...The Jamboree Lounge is a GAY MANs SEX BAR. I have been coming to the bar for a little over three years (mostly weekends) and its a good neighborhood bar for gay men. Mostly Latinos, but Blacks and Whites are represented as well for a well rounded buffet as they say at the Bar B Q. After 10 pm theres a $5 cover charge and the hard core porn has recently been updated from the old stuff they were playing. Beer, wine and soda is all they sell no hard liquor unfortunately. The music is decent Latin/Pop music during the weekend when they have a DJ, but the music can be dismal on Sunday and Monday as the bartender plays what he wants to hear. During Happy Hour they got three beers for $2 which is not bad, but I wish they had wine on special too. They have a pool table and stripper pole for free usage for those up to the challenge to look good or bad, depending on which one you use. The bartender during the week seems upbeat and very customer service oriented and is talented enough to perform a show on the stripper pole better than most dancers I have seen at other gay bars. There is a Drag Queen show every other Saturday, but way too late-- 230 a.m. They need new Queens too. The ones they have look worn out football players or on drugs particularly the hostess. Except for one athletic, energetic, and malnourish Queen, they all attempt to lip sink to the music. She at least knows her /his music. I love the back patio, but in the last year management seems to not care about disrespecting gay/bi-sexual men as the back patio is becoming more and more of a PEEP show for women. Women are routinely seen going onto the back patio unchallenged to watch men engaging in sex orgies. This is upsetting as the men are lured into a false sense of expected privacy, do not know they are being observed by a woman who is not wanted there at the bar in the first place. It just changes the mood on the patio when word spreads of their presence. You feel violated and sexually harassed. When I and others have complained to the bartenders and security at the door during the weekend we are simply blown off, despite the owners policy of No Women Permitted on the back patio. Its like management is afraid to lay down rules for women entering the bar or to tell them to f#@k off when they violate policy. On top of that, we have learned recently that women are given free admission while the gay/bi-sexual men have to pay to get in. Thats Fd Up too! If the women dont pay to get in, dont drink (or very little), take up sitting space from the paying gay customers---whats the point? Probably explains why attendance at the bar has gone down a great deal as it use to be packed. I guess the business is being taking to Ft Launderdale. Funny thing is that the owner has (CYA) signs posted that no unlawful acts or misbehavior is allowed on the premises to include drug use and SEX, but the owner is fully aware of what goes on there--since he too bartends on Friday nights. The back patio is for men only looking for anal and oral sex, a smoke, or small conversation. STDs and HIV are passed along in this bar (been there done that) and BareBacking is heavily engaged, though condoms are thoughtfully used by some and provided free from the Florida Health Department. Of course one only needs to look at the patio floor at the end of the evening when the lights are turned back on to see cum-filled fecal condoms all over the floor, which makes it wearisome to think you knelt down on that special someone you didnt even know when performing oral sex in the dark earlier that evening. I like the bar, but I am down-grading my stars to 2 because of the disrespect we face by straight women allowed on the patio for their viewing.