ELEVATE Workshop - Being NICER, to our bodies, minds, souls & each other.


Space is LIMITED - Don't be left out of this great event!

UC|CU’s ELEVATE WORKSHOP: BEING A BETTER PERSON - through what we eat, how we take care of ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. Many of us find some, most or all of these topics difficult to follow in our daily lives. Add the pressures of family, peers, ageing, economy & surroundings, and it often becomes overwhelming. Join Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida, the first & only organization for the Latino|Hispanic|LGBTQ Community since 2002, for a DAY OF ELEVATING OURSELVES, EACH OTHER, AND JUST BEING NICER.

SUNDAY, Feb 22, 2015 | 9am-6pm | $30. Miami Beach Botanical Garden, 2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach | TICKETS: $30 www.unitycoalition.org

GUEST SPEAKER: JOHN J. McNEILL | Openly gay (Catholic priest excommunicated), prisoner of war during WWII, co-founder of SAGE & with partner for 49 years. Sharing excerpts of Taking a Chance on God (a documentary about his life) - A healthy breakfast & yummy lunch
- Meditation morning with JOSEPH ARMSTRONG - Poetry & Writing with CARIDAD MORO
- Tools for being Happier & less Toxic with life coach THEA SOMMER
- Painting in the Garden with DAVID SEXTON - Dating, Personal & Spiritual growth workshops with Life Coach and psychotherapist DAVID KESSLER, & community activist GUS BRIAND
- Eating & Cooking workshops, Vendors & companies. - Community support groups on hand.
- Healthy ways to reduce Cancer risk & toxicities of conventional therapies with ANNIE APPLESEED ...all finished off with Happy hour drinks from the garden & great music from DJ MIIK!

According the U.S. Census, over 10% of our 2.6 million Miami-Dade County residents identify as LGB or T, with hundreds arriving each day via the Caribbean & Latin America – often undocumented – making this number much higher.

Family rejection, fear for their safety & lives because of their sexual orientation, abuse and lack of laws protecting equal rights for all – often leads to issues of depression, social anxiety & low self-esteem – directed at ourselves and those around us.

Our project provides much needed guidance, learning tools & services to assist this underserved and often overlooked segment of our community…Resulting in a better understanding of the LGBT community, better trained & prepared individuals, tools for a better quality of life & overall support.
  • Miami Beach Botanical Garden
    2000 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach
  • Sunday Feb 22, 2015
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